2016 Winners

  • Security Award supported by AusRegistry

    • Logo Mailguard

      WINNER: MailGuard - Cyber Security ANZ

      Established in 2001, MailGuard is one of Australia’s leading technological innovators and the world’s foremost web, email and cloud security service, providing complete protection against web and email security threats such as malware, ransomware, spyware, phishing, spear phishing, viruses, spam and similar malicious scams in 27 countries around the world.
      Most businesses think traditional antivirus software will protect them from an attack, but that’s simply not the case. Antivirus can stop known threats, but cyber criminals move at rapid pace, relying on the element of surprise. It can take hours or even days for antivirus vendors to identify and deploy updates to customers.
      MailGuard is different to traditional antivirus. A cloud-based email and web solution, partnered with smart Hybrid AI (artificial intelligence) threat detection engines that predict, learn and anticipate new threats as they’re emerging. This cloud­-based layer of security means MailGuard can apply immediate protection to users globally.

    • Logo Rockit

      Highly Commended: PROJECT ROCKIT

      PROJECT ROCKIT is Australia’s youth-driven movement against (cyber)bullying, hate and prejudice. For the last 10 years, we’ve been sending young people into schools to run workshops that tackle bullying, celebrate technology and equip young people with the empathy and leadership to stand up for what they believe in. We’ve developed a unique style and approach that has seen us work with hundreds of thousands of young Australians and earn the reputation of ‘student fave’ of all anti- bullying interventions.

    • Logo Terrific

      Highly Commended: Terrific.com.au Domain Reseller Module

      We are an auDA accredited and ISS compliant domain registrar. We provide domain registrations specifically to resellers (web designers / digital agencies / law firms)
      Our focus is on building the most secure and innovative domain registrar in Australia.

  • Diversity & Digital Skills Award

    • Logo GoDigi

      WINNER: Infoxchange - Go Digi & The National Year of Digital Inclusion 2016

      Infoxchange is a not-for-profit social enterprise that has delivered technology for social justice for over 25 years.
      With over 100 staff across Australia and New Zealand we tackle the biggest social challenges through the smart and creative use of technology.
      We work with community, government and corporate partners to solve family violence, homelessness, mental health and issues facing people with disabilities, the elderly, Aboriginal, Maori and Pasifika communities.
      Our products and services are used by nearly 5000 organisations across the community sector. We provide the right tools to improve efficiency and deliver greater impact – from nation-wide service coordination systems to IT advice for individual organisations.
      Our community programs focus on digital inclusion. We use technology to improve the lives of vulnerable people, driving social inclusion and creating stronger communities. We believe no-one should be left behind in today’s digital world.

    • Logo AttitudeLive

      Highly Commended: AttitudeLive

      Attitude Pictures launched it's TV series, in 2005.
      We have since gone on to produce over 400 documentaries.
      We have filmed in more than 25 countries and our content has been sold in over 30 countries.
      In September 2013 we launched Attitudelive.com, which hosts the worlds largest collection of disability content, resources and news from across the sector, with the aim of inspiring and empowering people (with disabilities and chronic health conditions) to live better.
      The fully accessible site has multi lingual closed captioning, audio descriptions, dyslexic-friendly typography and a fully responsive design for mobiles and tablets.
      We want to shape views on disability and inclusion, both in New Zealand and across the globe. We create content that helps our audience develop empathy for people who live with disability, knowing that this has the power to drive social change.

    • Logo VLNPrimarySchool

      Highly Commended: Virtual Learning Network Primary School

      The Virtual Learning Network Primary is a schools network collaborating online and dedicated to providing equity and access to learning opportunities for New Zealand students. It connects schools through an online network (the virtual school) in order to open up access to specialist teachers, share the best of our teaching strengths, and to build professional capability that enables schools to become more flexible and open places of learning for our children.

  • Information Award

    • Logo DesignDemocracy

      WINNER: The Design+Democracy Project

      In 2013, New Zealand’s Electoral Commission called on academic and research communities to respond to declining voter participation. Design+Democracy Project is a research unit at Massey University’s College of Creative Arts, New Zealand,
      that was formed to address this challenge. Design+Democracy Project works in partnership with industry, government, and the social sector to ignite a passion
      for democracy in young people through user-centred design. We do this through exploring the role that design and ‘design thinking’ can play in advancing 21st century citizenship. While our initiatives predominantly use online platforms, we understand that technology alone does not mean young people will engage in political conversations. We think design is the missing ingredient. Through design, we draw upon behavioural insights and user-centred process to leverage the best from connected technologies to build a vibrant democracy.

    • Logo QueenslandUniversityOfTechnology

      Highly Commended: QUT: Create a Better Online You

      We are a highly successful Australian university with an applied emphasis in courses and research. While we're based in Brisbane, Queensland, we have a global outlook.
      With some 45,000 students, including 6,000 from overseas, we're positioned to grow and develop as one of Australia's leading universities.
      QUT Library provides dynamic and innovative access to scholarly information resources, services and facilities.

  • Innovation Award

    • Screen Shot 2016 08 31 at 1.25.03 PM

      WINNER: Code the Future

      Code the Future aims to provide a connection and collaboration between educators and developers to work with children to help them become creators of digital solutions through learning to code. Through these partnerships, children are provided with
      an environment that allows them to engage in learning that is challenging, driven
      by problem solving, develops logical thinking, systems thinking and computational thinking skills. Whilst learning how to program, students are able to construct mental processes and patterns of thought used to make sense of information. These new skills and new knowledge students develop throughout our projects means they will be gaining skills to enable to them to participate fully in the changing digital landscape of the future.

    • Logo Doncare

      Highly Commended: Doncare iMatter App

      Since 1969, Doncare has worked within a community where all those in need are offered assistance to overcome adversity whilst retaining their dignity. Doncare effectively combines a small number of professional staff with a team of 519 trained volunteers to support 4,500+ low income individuals and their families annually. Volunteers provide the majority of direct services to clients; upholding Doncare’s philosophy of “for the community by the community”, and stretching the utilisation of funds.
      Doncare supports families, the aged, youth and disadvantaged in the City of Manningham in Victoria, Australia on three levels: providing assistance, crisis prevention through support and education, and enlisting community involvement. Doncare offers a broad range of services free or at nominal cost including: emergency financial relief, in-home family support, counselling, support programs for women and their children who have experienced family violence, social support for the elderly/ isolated, and volunteer assessment and placement.

  • Tech Startup Award supported by Fishburners

    • Logo Latipay

      WINNER: Latipay

      Latipay is a first to market financial technology (FinTech) New Zealand business. Our platform provides an online solution that focuses on New Zealand enterprise level merchants dealing with Chinese payers.
      We have been reported on recently across New Zealand and international business media, two NZ examples being:
      NBR (National Business Review)
      http://www.nbr.co.nz/article/kiwi-exporters-delighted-trial-targets-chinese-consumers- without-credit-cards-b-189033
      RNZ (Radio New Zealand)
      http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/businessnews/audio/201800961/nz- start-up-seeing-rapid-growth-expansion-plans-underway
      Our platform allows for Chinese payers with a CNY (Chinese Yuan) bank account to pay for goods and services whilst the New Zealand merchant receives full payment for goods direct to their NZD bank account in NZD, at no cost to the merchant.
      Chinese payers can make payment through their preferred bank payment channels or their Alipay and WeChat wallets, whilst paying in their preferred currency of CNY.
      Our bi-lingual platform solves the significant Chinese and New Zealand, payer and merchant dissatisfaction within the education, export, insurance, software and travel verticals.

    • Logo LineWize

      Highly Commended: Linewize Ltd

      Linewize provides school principals with Internet access management services that empower eLearning and teachers with classroom tools that give live visibility and control over classroom Internet use.
      Within 2 years Linewize has grown from greenfields startup to being adopted by over 200 schools and generating over 500k of annual recurring revenue for our 20 resellers.

  • The Leonie Dunbar Memorial Award For Community Websites

    • Logo BuninyongValley

      WINNER: Buninyong Community Website

      The Buninyong Joint Library Trust Inc. manages the Buninyong Community Website and the Buninyong Information Centre.
      The Trust aims to support the Buninyong and District community by providing a comprehensive local information service for residents, visitors and researchers. In 2007, the Trust decided to extend the reach of the Buninyong Information Centre by developing an extensive online presence with strong community connections in the form of the Buninyong Community Website.
      Both services are housed in the heritage Old Library building in the heart of Buninyong.

    • Logo HarcourtValley

      Highly Commended: Harcourt Valley Community Websites

      Harcourt Valley Heritage & Tourist Centre Inc has 2 primary rolls in the community, the first being to conduct the district museum & archival collection. The second
      being the conduct of public observances,( eg ANZAC Day) community festivals, eg Harcourt Applefest. Harcourt is a scattered community with out a town focus. The organisation has maintained the community website ever since the launch of CSIAB & has relaunched & developed the site in 2015.